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About Us

My Name is Bhavika Suthar. I am a fashion designer.

MNNSHA is a venture that started about two years before. It’s a Fashion brand.MNNSHA Name connects two families together like the first three letters” MNN” represent My Mother SMT. “MANJU” and the Last three “SHA” represent My Mother-in-law SMT. “SHANTI” Called “MNNSHA

Back to my studies, I competed in MSC. (Maths) in the year 2020.

MARCH 2020 (lockdown)  I realized that something was amiss in my life. During my school time and college time, I make dressed for the persons, especially women.

JUNE 2021 That click me to become a fashion designer. Join online classes and attend that regularly finally, I got my diploma certificate in June 2021.

JULY 2021 I Launched my Label called “MNNSHA”. Then complete more certificates on embroidery in NOV 2021.

APRIL 2022 I got registered my company “MNNSHA FASHION”. And in May 2022  I filled Trademark for “MNNSHA FASHION”.

JUNE 2022 Along with this “Mnnsha Fashion Institute” is also founded in June 2022.

This institute helps those girls to learn fashion-related stuff who cannot afford the money. We are also selling our product on recognized  E-COM websites LIKE AMAZON, FLIPKART, MEESHO Etc.

We will strive to attain leadership and excellence in all the products and services we provide, through socially and environmentally acceptable means. And empower women to help them learn and earn.

  • Empower 2 lakh women in India.
  • In Five years open 20 outlets in India.
  • Make a revolutionary change in clothing.
  • Coach 20 lakh women in India before 2035.
  • Passion:- whatever we do, we do it from the bottom of the heart.
  • Respect:- we respect those who add value to our lives.
  • Ownership:- we are responsible for all our actions.
  • Collaboration:- we believe in working towards a unified goal.

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